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Sara's Peers - and more ...

Below are various images by artists whose work many see as 'similar' to that of Sara Moon. In some cases these works have been mistaken for that of Sara Moon and in one case (Christian) the artist has actually released works as 'Sara Moon' - see below for details.

Artists' website links are provided where known. If you know of any other other artist that falls into this category, please let me have the details for future inclusion.

(With respect for copyright, works are all shown as 'thumbnails' only.)

(Christine Rosamond)
( www.rosamond.com )

Rosamond - Lone Woman Rosamond - Blue Ice

Simone - Rosamond Rosamond - Summer Mood Rosamond - Title Unknown

Rosamond - ?? Travelers ??
Rosamond - Blue on Beige
Rosamond - What Do You See?

Rosamond - Cira Rosamond - Bree Rosamond - Stripes

(website unknown)

Christian - Jade Christian - Title Unknown Christian - Coral

Christian - Spring
Christian - Summer
Christian - Autumn
Christian - Winter

Patricia by Christian
Carmen by Christian Toni by Christian
Title unknown by Christian

Christian painted a series of images for Red Baron as "Sara Moon"
click here to see the gallery

The following two male images are also the work of the artist
CHRISTIAN painting for Red Baron as

Lou Chanet - Roger
Lou Chanet - Derrick

CHRISTIAN also painted a number of works for Red Baron in the name of "Sara Moon"
(see the Gallery click here)


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