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Title Unknown
1991 Calendar - August
Sara Moon

Many thanks to Wendy Hicks for sharing this calendar

When first I looked upon this image, it changed my mood in an instant. From a me that was lightheartedly and excitedly rushing to devour these works I had never seen, to a me, unable to move on, caught in the messages that begged to be heard.

An older man embraces a young woman. A man weary of the torment that has brought him to this moment, the moment to say goodbye. She is closer to him than any can know, with her soft sensuality and lose-laden garb. He has known her for more than her years, when her hair was ebony or ochre or crimson fire, her mantle from all to little or nothing at all. He conceived her, needs her, breaths life into her being. He is her, and she is he. Why must he cast aside what she is to him, and to so many more?

Now the deed done, he wanders, daring to touching her memory as he goes, stroking her whimsical spirit with the occasional pastel, pencil or brush. Always the needing, always the tempting, and always the torment too. So close and so far, so many and so few.

John D Moulton

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